Fines, penalties, liens, garnishments, and employee/customer lawsuits could force you out of business in less than 24 hours. You’ve worked hard for your business, don’t lose it over compliance & inefficiency issues. Howard Tax Prep agents are neutral third parties that will come into your organization and assist with the following services:

  • Ensure That Company Is Compliant with State & Federal Tax Laws & Tax Filings.
  • Confirm Compliance with Local/State & Federal Employee Reporting & Unemployment Payments.
  • Review Adherence to Federal & State Laws regarding Employees & Independent Contractors.
  • Ensure Organization Is Current With Professional, State, & Federally Mandated Licenses.
  • Review Adherence To Corporate Formalities (annual meetings, minutes, operating agreements, etc.)
  • Assess Compliance with State Organization filings.
  • Ensure That Organization Is Adequately BONDED & INSURED!
  • Assess Operations Efficiency.
  • Perform Sales Audit.
  • Assess Office Organization.
  • Review Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Review Accounting Procedures, Ledgers, & Journals.
  • Perform Customer Service Audits.
  • Complete a Thorough Analysis of Current & Past Clients.
  • Analyze Marketing Department.
  • Perform Employee Background Screenings.
  • Ensure Employee Handbook Reflects Current Policies.

Businesses are just as unique as their owners, and there is no “1 size fits all” when it comes to compliance. Whether you operate a construction business, insurance business, an online retail business, or a sharing economy business (UBER/LYFT; AIR BNB, etc.) Howard Tax Prep has the experience, and expertise to serve you. Schedule a FREE consultation with us today!
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