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Congratulations on taking the leap and becoming a business owner! As a business owner, in order to be successful, there are 3 things that you must manage on a continual basis. Those three things are:

  1. Your time.
  2. Your cost.
  3. Your customers.

Listed below you’ll find several resources to help you manage your business effectively.

CRM Customer Relationship Management.

Our clients love using this affordable CRM software to create sales pipelines, maintain a customer database, send out birthday reminders, etc. Use the link below and get an additional 30 days added to the 30-day free trial (60 days in total), an d after the 60 day trial you’ll only pay $10 a month. Let us know how you like it! Get your free 60 days now! 

Appointment Booking

No more man hours being used to book client appointments! Give your clients the power an online appointment. The best thing about this affordable appointment booking software (in our opinion) is that it will send your client a reminder text and email about their upcoming appointment. Try it now and get 1 month for free: Appointment Scheduling Software Try Now |

Mileage Tracker

The number 1 way to reduce taxable income is to track business activities, and to track all of the cost associated with carrying out business activities. Thankfully, there are many apps designed to help you track your business mileage tax deductions, which is the #1 tax deduction for most entrepreneurs. Click here to start tracking your business mileage now! 

Credit Card Processing

A business that only accepts cash loses customers. Stop losing customers and register here to  accept credit/debit cards. Click here to get $1,000 in free processing .

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